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We undertake prevention and control of microbiological activity in grain products. We carry out Insect pest control by physical, chemical and biological methods and adopt Scientific aspects in TOTALITY. Our treatment is differentiated into acute, chronic and sub chronic stages of treatment at recommended concentrations, as stipulated by the technical authority.
Extreme care is taken at all levels, in order not to pollute the Environment and Residential premises as is a must for all Pest control practices. We can state with confidence that our QUALITY CHECK guarantees thissafety. We follow strict up to date International safety norms.


We maintain Quality Pro status with the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). To achieve this designation, a company must differentiate itself from the competition in a variety of ways. Quality Pro is an assurance to the public that the company maintains high standards and is proficient at their trade.

Our employees are active participants in professional organizations. We have representatives serving on the Tidewater Pest Management Association (TPCA) Board and committees. Our employees attend local, state and national conferences for both Pest Control and Wildlife Control. Our home repair division participates with the Peninsula Home Builder’s Association.

We take great pride in our employees, and believe that they are among the best the industry has to offer. Each possesses honesty and integrity and has an exemplary work ethic. Our goal is to do the best for our customers because we want to be the best.