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Spider Control

Spider control services from Lakeside Pest Control, Inc. are prompt, effective and reasonably priced. Our courteous staff is well-trained in all aspects of pest management, including the latest methods for spider control. Home owners have used our spider control and pest removal services since 1975. Other customers include a variety of commercial enterprises, as well as educational and health facilities.

Spider control is necessary for cleanliness and, in some cases, safety. There are some dangerous species which can bite and cause health problems but most are merely annoying. Lakeside Pest Control, Inc. can easily control any spider species, whether safe or harmful.

Spider Pest Control Method

What is our spider pest control method?

  • Spider pest control is not necessary in the garden or in trees or shrubs away from buildings
  • We examine your premises both inside and outside to find the source and then treat the spider infestation
  • Our spider pest control includes elimination of webs and nests at doorways and by outdoor lights
  • We treat other potential entry points, such as soffit areas, vent openings, window frames, as well as the foundation
  • Wherever possible, we employ “green” or environmentally-friendly spider pest control methods

Spider Pest Control Prevention

Preventative measures for spider pest control include:

  • Plant trees and bushes away from the building
  • Seal or caulk cracks and crevices in the building structure
  • Keep garages, basements and crawl spaces clean, dry and uncluttered
  • Exert overall pest control to eliminate the spider which feeds on bedbugs, ants and roaches


Contact Lakeside Pest Control today to have a professional assess your needs and offer a no-obligation estimate. (Wildlife assessments require a fee which can be applied to the service if accepted.)